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Photo of police chief KV Felker

KV Felker

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is the key public safety Officer for the Salmon Community.  Overseeing a Police Department consisting of Two Department Sergeants, One Detective, Six Patrol Officers and Three K9 Drug detection Officers. The Chief is responsible for all law enforcement related issues.  For more information on our Police Department and the services it offers Salmon, please go to Salmon Police Department

Phone:(208)756-1347 or (208)756-8980
Location: 211 Poleline Avenue
Salmon,  ID  83467

Logo for the City of Salomon

Breann Green

City Administrator

Breann Green started with the City of Salmon in the fall of 2023. Previously, Breann worked for Lemhi Regional Land Trust in Salmon for 14 years working on conservation easements and river restoration projects. Breann was born and raised in Salmon. She is a valued member of our team.

Phone: 208-756-3214
Fax: 208-756-4840

Photo of City clerk Denzil McKenzie

Denzil McKenzie

City Clerk

Denzil started with the City of Salmon in April of 2023. He was previously with the Lemhi County Sheriffs Office in the capacity of a Detention and Dispatch Deputy. Denzil valued the incredible experience he had by working in law enforcement and values the strong family bonds he built with fellow officers and deputies.

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for Council-related services, records management, license issuance, and legal compliance with all codes and regulations, including State Statutes and Municipal Code. Our goal is to facilitate the legislative process and promote public participation in municipal affairs. The City Clerk is also the records keeper for all Police Department records.

The City Clerks role also includes projects that benefit the community members. City Clerk McKenzie is currently working on facilitating the creation of a local Crisis Intervention Team which will bring a support system to not only law enforcement but for all in the community.

Phone: (208)756-3214
Fax: (208)756-4840

Photo of Finance Director Amy Fealko

Amy Fealko

Finance Director

Certified Public Accountant Amy Fealko is the City of Salmon’s Finance Director/Treasurer. She came to the job in March of 2007 from an extensive background in all aspects of corporate accounting.  The City Treasurer is the appointed custodian of all City funds. The Treasurer’s Office works closely with City Council in the development, implementation, and management of the City budget. The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all City funds, including payroll checks. Funds not needed for daily operations are invested to earn income for the city and its citizens.

The goal of the Treasurer’s Office is to maintain integrity and transparency in the use of public funds for the benefit of all.


Photo of City Attorney Fred Snook

Fred Snook

City Attorney

Mr. Fred Snook is the City Attorney for the City of Salmon.  Mr. Snook's responsibility in this position is to handle all civil matters affecting our municipality.  These include providing planning and zoning recommendations, assisting in ordinance development and overseeing policy management.

Location: 200 Main Street
Salmon,  ID  83467

Photo of Utility Clerk Shawnda Adams

Shawnda Adams

Utility Clerk


Photo of Public Works Superintendent Charles Cockrell

Charles Cockrell

Public Works Superintendent

Phone: 208-756-2414
Fax: 208-756-4840

Photo of City Parks Director & Cemetery Sexton Josh Tolman

Josh Tolman

City Parks Director & Cemetery Sexton

City of Salmon Logo

Cody Halle

Waste Water Plant

Photo of Sacajawea Center Director Suzy Avey

Suzy Avey

Sacajawea Center Director

Phone: 208-756-1188  Cell: 208-303-0245
Fax: 208-756-4840


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